What I do


I am communication designer to the core.

the design process to me means an integrated approach. The brand’s environment is as important as the personality that it tries to reflect. It is my goal to give every single work of mine the highest possible individuality and uniqueness. And therefore it’s inevitable to sometimes leave common ground and habits behind.

Basically, in every discipline of design I feel at home. My experience in all fields of design lets me cover everything from concept and design of corporate design projects to websites with the highest technical demands to concept and animation of animation movies and clips. Wy will to perfection drives me to overthink each and every project – be it big or small – in all its detail. My background in Type Design apart from that gives me the ability to create brands that stand out in their uniqueness and always get to the point.

With my strong network of coders, designers, illustrators, motion designers and freelancers, I can realize nearly every project. Let’s talk about yours!

My skill set

Concept, design, print supervision, logo design, branding, corporate design, editorial design, animation, motion design, sound design, web design, brand consistency